About Linda

Jesus came into my life at the early age of ten at a Christian Bible camp. For the next forty years, I put him in a box and relied on myself for happiness. I lived a self-centered and miserable life, looking for love in all the wrong places. In 2005, I returned to my first love, Jesus. Today I am growing in my faith by going back to the International School of Ministry to complete my degree after a thirty-two year dance career.

For many years, the world deceived me, which led to wrong choices. Today, God uses those choices, my relationships and past experiences, for his glory, to uniquely train me as a relationship builder. I know how divorce feels. I’ve encountered the pain of a family member taking their life. I have walked with an aging parent and a wayward child. I live with a blended family. I’ve carried guilt until I learned to forgive myself.

I retired to the Deep South living part of the year in Tennessee and part in Florida. I teach people of all age groups how to receive the fullness and freedom God has for them.

While living in Gulf Shores, Alabama, in 2016, I felt called to write. I struggled as a writer because as a child, my focus in school was wrong. Striving to accomplish what God put on my heart, I became acutely aware of my shortcomings. I began my writing journey as a relationship builder, but it grew into something bigger. Now I want to address the importance of education to children.

Member of Word Weavers International
Member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association
Founder of L.A. Beach Writers-Gulf Shores Alabama

My desire is to help others hear about God’s goodness. His goodness led Him to provide Jesus, the way to forgiveness and restoration for imperfect people, like me. We are all learning, and growing, and I need His strength to keep moving forward. In today’s world, I need a fresh view on life that directs me to God’s Word.