All about Love and Relationships

on August 27, 2018

Love begins at home, and everyone expresses this emotion differently. Love is more than a feeling. Love is a decision. The Bible mentions four different types of love.

  • Eros is a passionate love.
  • Storge pertains to the love between brothers, sisters, parents, and their children.
  • Phileo describes a deep level of connection with friends. Often defined as “brotherly love.”
  • Agape love is a divine, unconditional, and selfless love. Coined by New Testament writers to describe God’s love. (John 3:16)

Human love is limited. God’s love is limitless. Humans crave love from the first moment of existence. Love is always at the center of the Lord’s heart; which is why He created people to be in a relationship with Him and others. For over forty years I knew about Jesus, but didn’t have a personal relationship with Him. I was a foolish, self-centered, discontented, woman who was empty inside and tried to fill the void with things of the world.

In 2004, I volunteered as a pregnancy consultant. Working at the pregnancy center taught me how much God cared for people. He touched lives in that place, and people changed their life styles and choices. His love was too strong to deny. For that reason, I turned my life over to Jesus and decided to follow Him.

Later, my faith was tested in my marriage. Rather than turning away from God, as I’ve done in the past, I sought the Lord’s empowerment in my struggles. With prayer, and working through my stubborn pride, I found a profound love for my husband. We’ll celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary this December.

Our relationship with God strengthens by the test of time like our relationships with each other. God is the only one that gives Agape love but, I can be an instrument of His love. A Christian’s commitment to the Lord is the key for all other relationships. This unlocks everything together.

My purpose for blogging is to remind us what matters most: love and relationships. Please comment below about how you are growing in your relationship with God and others.

23 thoughts on “All about Love and Relationships”

  1. William says:

    Enjoyed the article.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      What would I do without you, William?

  2. Pam Antoun says:

    Beautiful article Linda!

  3. ash says:

    Great article Linda. Loved it 🙂

  4. Linda Center says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, Ash

  5. Linda Center says:

    You have walked beside me on this journey. Thanks for being you.

  6. Andrea Green says:

    Great article!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thank you for your comment, love, and support.
      It is all about glorifying God. Please share the website.

  7. Nancy says:

    God Bless You Linda. You are a fine person! Loved the blog!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thank you, Nancy. You are a fine friend!

  8. Deborah Aldridge says:

    I trust that God had a hand in having us meet and become friends. You are an inspiration to me😊

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Backatcha, Deborah.

  9. Well done. I liked your clarity and emphasis.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      The credit goes to you and the members of Word Weavers who helped with the clarity.

  10. Bette Purdy says:

    Again, thank you so much for sharing your heart, Linda! It always touches mine 🙂 The inspirational words that stood out for me in your article were, “A Christian’s commitment to the Lord is the key for all other relationships.” This idea has been growing in my heart, and because of your simple but true statement, “commitment to the Lord” is now my prayer point.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Bette, I’m glad I have you in my corner as a friend and a prayer partner.

  11. Alejandra Southerland says:

    God has been in my life forever, but I think that my relationship with Him was not very strong. The last 10 months of my life had been difficult and I had found Him in every single part of this journey. Love is what I’ve been receiving from friends, family and even strangers. My relationship with Him is now stronger than ever and I feel Him everywhere I go. He always shows me that He is there for me. Whenever I have a doubt of his presence, there is something that shows me that He is there. In the most little, but important things in my life He is there. My relationship with Him is strong, solid and I celebrate to have Him in my life every day!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      What a beautiful testimony, Ale.
      Your right, our Father is always there, waiting, loving, healing, forgiving, all-powerful.
      I celebrate with you.

  12. Linda, this thoughtful piece brought so many good and a few not-so-good memories to mind, which is exactly what a good blog article should do. Thank you.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thank you, Mahala,
      Part of your wisdom and encouragement has made this blog come to life. That’s what good relationships do. They bring a better quality of life to others.

  13. Erma M. Ullrey says:

    HI Linda. Love your blog posts! You get to the heart of the relationship matters in a beautiful way! Love the articles and your strong faith! Blessings and hugs … and keep writing! <3

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Erma, I thank God for our friendship. Every word, idea, and motivation that comes from my craziness you polish it to look like a fine pearl.

  14. Erma M. Ullrey says:

    You are so sweet! Seriously, I’m so thankful for your God-given words on relationships! Blessings <3

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