Crystal Discovers the Glow

While on a beach trip with her family, an accident transports eleven-year-old Crystal Atwater to a fantasy world of mermaid life and adventures under the sea.

 When faced with overwhelming fear, Crystal starts to ask some big questions. What does my future hold? Who made the universe? Why do I disobey?

 Filled with determination to find answers, Crystal receives an inner glow when she discovers the power of God, and the truth to her questions. Those truths set her free from fear. Once fear is gone…anything is possible.

Crystal Discovers the Glow Reviews

The Relationship Dance

Linda Ray Center’s book, The Relationship Dance, is a short autobiography with human interest stories about life, relationships, and religion. Having experienced relationships in adversity, Linda shares her compelling story. The author illustrates how God joins people to dance in unity despite religious differences. The book contains eye-opening interviews and inspirational stories from various walks of life.

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The Relationship Dance Reviews


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