Personal Recommendations

Linda Center is a person of relationships. From her personal relationship with Christ to relationships with young, unwed mothers whom she helps to choose life, she has been an active, faithful and compassionate servant for many years at Oyster Bay Baptist Church. Linda has been able to relate and lead young children in choreographing a VBS musical or simply listening to a child share their victories or sorrows. Her leadership of our church to appreciate the ministry to the unborn has increased the strength of our church’s relationship with ministry to others.

Her love for her husband is lived out in front of everyone so that they can see what the marriage relationship according to God’s word should be.

I am a better pastor, and our church is a better place because of our relationship with Linda Center.

Carry on Linda!

Jerry Peebles, Pastor
Oyster Bay Baptist Church


From a position close to Linda Ray Center’s life, I have watched with great anticipation over the last several years as her life has exploded into a desire for service within the kingdom of God.

We have talked about many subjects, ranging from the Bible to writing methodology, and never does the conversation wander far from the aspects of what God’s Word calls us to perform.

As her life has been transformed into a deep, abiding walk with the Lord she has taken here passion for service into the arena of writing. Her deepest hope is that she might be able to proclaim the Gospel to those that have not heard it and of late her audience has become the numerous children in her area who must be brought to faith in building the next generation of believers.

Her desire to be a blessing to any whom God brings her in contact with has been implemented with numerous writing and speaking assignments. Her walk in the Spirit provides an on-your-feet example for all, revealing what grace can do to empower all willing disciples to complete the mission Jesus left for us all.

She is an encouragement to those who would say they have no powerful gifting. Never willing to be an idle spectator, she has launched herself “into the deep,” where she has never been, trusting God and knowing that where she is called His power will be there to give assistance.

As pastor of The Well, a small church in Tunnel Hill, GA, (where she has visited several times), I have to say that she is a trophy of grace, another in a long line produced by the forgiveness of the Cross and the relentless hand of a God that sanctifies.

In a word, she is a joy to know and a name to remember! God is on a mission in her life. What more can anyone ask?

Larry Green
The Way of Christ Ministries
Rocky Face, GA


They say good things come in small packages, that is an understatement for Linda Center. This little powerhouse of a woman came into my life one Sunday when she attended our church. She sat near me and from our first hello, I sensed her strength. I asked her to come to our women’s life group that meets on Wednesdays. She immediately said yes and that she was looking for a small group. I have learned over the years as a life group leader to value women of inner strength and motivation. Linda is like having an artesian well in your midst. Always flowing, always positive, always giving life! I enjoy being around her. She draws people to Christ through her gifts as an author, speaker and just being Linda! After reading her book, “The Relationship Dance,” I felt like I had known her all my life. Linda is a dear friend and a special part of my life. I haven’t known her but a few months, yet I know we are ‘eternal’ friends. I am excited to see and hear what God has planned for her. Her best is yet to come!

Marieta Hicks Kerley
Bible Teacher/ Life Group
The Crossing Church
Chattanooga, Tennessee