Our Connection with Earth

on April 26, 2019

Earth Day is a worldwide annual event, celebrated in April, to create awareness for the Earth’s environment. We are all one family living on this planet. God created the heaven and the earth. His children have been entrusted to take care of our world and share it responsibly with others for future generations.

About seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Water is precious to all living things. Unfortunately, we dumped millions of tons of garbage into our waterways. Discarding plastic into our oceans, lakes, and ponds is as devastating as climate change.

Until recently, my mindset was indifferent about doing my part to save the planet. How can one person make a difference? Last month, I attended a lecture led by Dr. Don Walsh, USN (Ret)
Don Walsh is an American oceanographer, explorer, a former submarine captain, and marine policy specialist. He talked about the significant problem of plastic destroying our environment. His lecture educated me on how our beautiful planet must groan under the weight of the plastic dumped into its waters. My heart felt a responsibility to help reverse the harm inflicted upon our waterways.

After the lecture, I remembered a quote by Mother Teresa, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Both Mother Teresa’s quote and Dr. Don Welch’s speech resonated with me. It takes all of us working to reverse this problem.

Earth is an amazing planet. Each one of us can do our part to protect our waters for the living creatures that inhabit it and for our next generation. If we change one thing, it can affect many lives now and those to come.

Here is a list of action steps I plan to follow:

  1. Embrace the 3 R’s; reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  2. Sign up for curbside recycling to reduce the load on our country’s landfills by reusing the materials instead of throwing them away.
  3. Ban using single plastic bags. Give reusable bags to family members and friends to encourage them to recycle.
  4. Say no to plastic straws and coffee cup lids. Buy bamboo or stainless straws and keep them handy.
  5. Refill reusable water bottles and coffee mugs instead of using plastic or styrofoam. Get into the habit of refilling your water container.
  6. Take more interest in coastal and river bank clean-ups.

Caring for the Earth is caring for our future generation. Jump in, and join the fight to ban plastic. The ocean needs us. It’s never too late to start being a guardian of our future. Make every day a better Earth Day.

Do you have any other suggestions on how we can raise awareness on how plastic is spoiling our waterways?

What action steps have you already established?

19 thoughts on “Our Connection with Earth”

  1. Diane Clark says:

    I saw a picture earlier today of a minnow dead inside some clear plastic gloves like I use for coloring my hair. It was in the water, of course. That spoke to me like the straw issue. Those plastic grocery bags in the waterways do the same thing. We’re doing many of the things you are, Linda, so we’re doing our part. It is always amazing to me how much we take down to the recycle barrel which makes me proud as I’m washing the items to prep for recycle…

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      I never thought about washing the items for recycling. That’s a good idea, Diane.

  2. Nancy says:

    Good job!

  3. Bill Center says:

    Keep up the good work. I am proud of you.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      That means a lot, Bill. Here’s to many years recycling together.

  4. Donna Mullis says:

    We’re doing our part down here in Gulf Shores by refusing to use plastic straws and asking all restaurants to start using paper or bamboo straws and take-away containers. We carry metal straws and our own metal take-away containers and cups into restaurants with us.

    Keep up the good work, Linda!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      That’s awesome, Donna! Good to hear from you.

  5. Diane Clark says:

    I love my stainless steel straws and don’t mind carrying them in my purse in a zip lock bag.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Another great ideal, from Diane. Thanks a bunch!

    2. Linda Ray Center says:

      Mine came in the mail the other day. Ordered off Amazon. Great advice, Diane.

  6. Bob Page and Jean Grant says:

    Since our return to Canada, we participated in a shoreline cleanup of Pelee Island, the largest island in Lake Erie. Together, we managed to remove 3 full bags of garbage and 1 bag of recyclables from the Middle Point Woods shoreline. Also this was part of an island-wide cleanup included in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The total amount of garbage and recycling collected around the island was 15 bags, totally 140 pounds! The most commonly collected item (aside from small pieces of plastic) was plastic bottle caps – 555 total. Shot gun shells/wadding, plastic bottles, and deflated balloons (with the attached ribbon that strangles birds) were also high on the list.
    Walk the Shoreline and pick up the Garbage.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      It was Bob & Jean, our traveling Canadian friends, that first spoke to me about recycling a couple of years back. They have been faithful with their quest to help with the environment and send information about clean-up around the world. Thanks, Bob & Jean for your help and grand ideas.

    2. Linda Ray Center says:

      Miss you two. Thank you for your comment and for helping me to understand that one person can make a difference.

  7. Just as we so often treat other people (who were made in the image of God) with disrespect, we have distanced ourselves from treating the earth as if it were a gift and creation of God. Genesis makes clear that we were called to be stewards of the earth, but we ignore that call. It is true that some secular groups have turned environmentalism into an idol to be worshipped, but followers of Christ should honor God by honoring that which he created.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      So true, Joshua. Thank you for your comment. May God bless your work and territory.

  8. Diane Clark says:

    I love my SS straws–especially the one with the crook in the neck…kinda like me–LOL!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Good one, Diane.

  9. Diane S Clark says:

    I confess–I don’t use them as often as I should as I’m afraid I’ll forget them in the restaurant!

  10. Diane Clark says:

    I even pick up trash in restaurant parking lots, shopping centers, etc. wherever we go. I am grateful to be able to bend over and get some exercise even in this way! Fast food trash is the worst and a reminder of lazy, careless people…

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