The Promise Keeper

on January 14, 2020

A Story of Hope for the New Year

My cell phone rang at four a.m. “Mom can’t breathe,” my sister cried. “An ambulance is taking her to the emergency room.”

Clutching the phone, I sat up. “What?”

“It’s bad. You need to come home— now.”

During the seven-hour drive to the hospital, I prayed, please, Lord, remember my mom, meet her needs. Allow me just one more time to tell her how much I love her. When I arrived at the hospital, I sprinted to the elevator and pushed the button to the intensive care unit. I gasped at the sight of Mom lying on the bed with monitors behind her and tubes draped across her body. She nodded at me, nudged her oxygen mask aside, and said, “You’re here.”

Mom closed her eyes and fell asleep as family members filled me in with the details about her heart attack earlier.

My sister insisted I get some rest. She volunteered to spend the night in the hospital. I slumped into my bed, asking God to guard my mom’s heart. Through the night, I tossed and turned worrying about her critical condition. However, she seemed at peace. I’m sure her faith played a huge part in carrying her through this difficult time.

Fear is a human reaction, a feeling that comes unbidden. Faith, however, is not a feeling; it is a choice. The Bible tells us, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1, NKJV).

The next morning, I found Mom propped on pillows and eating breakfast. I couldn’t believe how much her color and appetite improved overnight. The nurses removed several monitors and helped Mom walk a few steps. Later, the doctor ordered a test to determine the damage to her heart. He explained she might need stents. My muscles tensed while my mind churned, No, not stents. That meant surgery, and she might not wake from the anesthesia.

After the doctor left, I asked Mom if she was scared. Patting my hand, she said, “No, the Lord is with me. I will trust the promises of peace found in His Word.” I couldn’t believe how calm she was. My mom doesn’t like the unknown. I was a nervous wreck, yet she remained unnerved.

Mom’s pastor, friends, and family held hands to pray before the staff wheeled her from the room for the test to determine the damage done to her heart. An agonizing hour later, the doctor called to say he found no permanent damage. Her vital signs proved normal, and the nurse moved her to a private room.

After Mom woke, we gave her the latest test results. She smiled and said, “Nothing less than God’s provision.”

On the day the doctor released her, as we waited for her discharge papers, she verbalized the day of her heart attack. “I felt extreme pain shoot through my chest, and breathing became difficult. I cried out, ‘Help me, Jesus,’ and somehow, He gave me the strength to stagger to the telephone. Jesus is our Promise Keeper. He keeps His promises even during pain. He was my present help in trouble.”

I stepped out of the hospital room and turned to look at my mom. Tears threatened as I gave thanks to the Promise Keeper.

25 thoughts on “The Promise Keeper”

  1. Such a beautiful account of His provision during tribulations. I love how you wrote and shared how faith truly brought you, your mom and family through this. Praises goes to Him who is our healer and only God. Jesus.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Amen & Amen, Eglaide, it’s all about Him!

  2. Such a beautiful story. Your mom sounds like a beautiful person.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thanks for reading Mom’s story and leaving a comment.

  3. NANCY BAGGETT says:

    Beautiful story and the promise God gives us. God Bless!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thanks, Nancy. No better way to live.

    2. Linda Ray Center says:

      You’re a special friend who always encourages me in the ministry. Thank you, Nancy.

  4. Diane Clark says:

    Such a lovely story. I pray I get to meet your wonderful Mom one day soon.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thanks, Diane, I hope so too! She would love you.

  5. What a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness!! He keeps His promises, every one of them!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Hi Amre, There’s supernatural peace in standing on the promises of God.

  6. Laura Griffin says:

    I love you!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Bachata, GF

  7. Kim Edgerton says:

    You and your Mom sound like birds of a feather in your strong faith! Love you my friend!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Kim, Thanks for the comment. My favorite memories are the times Mom and I worship in church together.

  8. Carol Walls says:

    Dear Linda, What a beautiful story of love and faith. How wonderful
    that you could be there for your mother and how heartwarming to
    know that God was with you replacing fear with faith. Your mom
    must be a strong believer. Do hope she continues to heal and you
    have many years together.
    Carol Walls

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Carol, thanks for commenting. Life, death and all in between nobody knows the outcome but the Lord. If we know the Lord, We know our outcome is everlasting life.

  9. Alda Harris says:

    Aunt Claire is such a rock built on the Rock. I am so glad God granted us more time with her for if there is one thing this world needs, it Is a prayer warrior to pray in His kingdom and His will be done here on earth!!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Alda, It’s so good to hear from you. Yes, my Mom loves the Lord. Mothers and time are gifts from God.

  10. Many times when situations seems worst, God is actually working on the heart of the one going through the struggle and the one walking beside them. Thanks for sharing Linda.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thanks for dropping in, Jeff. I can testify to your comment.

  11. Shirley East says:

    What a wonderful God loving story Linda! God intervenes on time every time. He has a knack for keeping His children calm with hearts full of faith when times are tough and serious. Nothing tests our faith like fear. But fear fades when we trust the strength and sovereignty of our God.
    Thanks so much for sharing and I so look forward to having lunch or coffee soon!
    I don’t know why but God has kept you in my thoughts and I am truly grateful. I am extremely grateful for you my new sister friend. Keep on keeping on and let your light keep shining. You are amazing!

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Thanks for dropping in, Shirley. I’m so glad we sat by each other in church. God’s timing is perfect.
      Bless you, Sister.

  12. Nita Breazeale says:

    I enjoy your blogs, Linda. I went to a laities conference with you years ago and you told me lots about your mother. It was in GS. Bob and I have moved to Mobile to be more involved with our grandchildren.
    Your words are precious to God, and also to me.

    1. Linda Ray Center says:

      Hi Nita,
      It brought a smile to my face when I received your comment. I think about you and Bob often. You have contributed so much to kingdom work over the years.
      Let’s keep in touch. I can’t wait to see what God has next for you both. I know your grandchildren enjoy having you close.

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